Price List

New Patient Consultation


A new patient consultation is carried out if you are attending the dentist for the first time. This consultation starts with a Treatment Coordinator who will take your medical history and talk to you about how you feel about your teeth and discuss what treatment we can undertake to help you make the most of your smile.  You then have the option of being referred to a dentist, who in addition to this will undertake a full inspection of your head and neck which includes your mouth, gums and teeth as well as an oral cancer check.


Free with Treatment Coordinator

With Dentist £100.00



Standard Examination


You will be asked to attend for an examination on average every 4 months. Occasionally the dentist may wish to see you more often in order to keep a close eye on any condition which requires more intensive monitoring. We recommend a four monthly examination because in our experience this allows us to monitor your oral health sufficiently to enable us to advise you on preventative measures which you can carry out at home. It also allows us to identify any newly occurring issues. The examination includes full inspection of your head and neck, including your mouth and gums as well as your teeth.


Adult £34.00 Child £22.50*





All patients will benefit from the intensive cleaning process undertaken by our qualified Dental Therapist. Cleaning is generally best carried out using the ultrasonic scaler and airflow polishing machine for stain removal, this allows us to give you the best clean in the time available. Should you prefer the intense clean of the machine, we can anaesthetise your mouth to ensure complete comfort, should this be necessary. If you prefer your cleaning treatment to be carried out by hand we can do that too. Cleaning includes plaque and stain removal as well as simple oral hygiene instruction. You will either be advised to have a simple clean or if there is a lot of plaque present, a complex clean, which takes a little longer.


Simple £50.00


Complex £85.00





There are a number of different x-rays that the dentist may recommend. X-rays allow us to visualise your mouth, teeth and jaw areas to help us to diagnose potential problems and recommend appropriate treatments.

  • Small X-rays

    These are undertaken by the dentist as you sit in the chair. They are digital and can be visualised immediately by the dentist. These X-rays are used to show decay within teeth.


    £17.96 each

  • OPG Panormal X-ray

    These are taken by a large machine in our X-ray suite and scan the whole jaw area. They are used to look at roots, bone density, and to see if there is anything wrong with your jaws.


    £53.00 each

  • Lateral cephs

    These are taken by a large machine in our X-ray suite and scan the whole jaw area. They are used to look at roots, bone density or, for example, to check your jaw prior to any tooth movement with orthodontics.


    £53.00 each

  • Transcranial

    These are taken by a large machine in our X-ray suite and specifically scan the jaw. They are used when we are assessing problems with the jaw and its joints.


    £89.25 each

  • CT scan

    CT scans are required for implant placement.


    £147.00 – £168.00



A filling is necessary when part of the tooth becomes decayed. This can cause pain and discomfort. Fillings can be undertaken on all teeth both front and back. At Dentique we only use white fillings. If it is a new filling, it may be possible to use our dental laser, which means no injections and no drill (Principle Dentist only). To replace existing fillings and undertake repairs we anaesthetise and use a drill to remove the decay and fill using white composite filling material. Fillings are carried out by the Dentist or Dental Therapist.


(All fillings are chargeable depending on the size and location of the filling required).

* For laser fillings (only available with the Principal Dentist) add £50 per filling.

  • Front filling

    20 minutes

    Therapist £85.00

    Dentist £122.00*

  • Small back filling

    20 minutes

    Therapist £130.00

    Dentist £173.00*

  • Medium back filing

    20 minutes

    Therapist £155.00

    Dentist £204.00*

  • Large back filling

    30 minutes

    Therapist £235.00

    Dentist £280.00*

Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment (RCT) is carried out when there is decay and / or infection in the root of the tooth. RCT need not be painful or distressing if carried out correctly. Teeth have either one, two or three roots depending on their position in the mouth. The decay and infection is removed and the canals cleaned and then filled with a special root filling material. The RCT can be carried out as an independent procedure or as a precursor to having a crown fitted. RCT is carried out by the Dentist.


£340.00 – £387.00



Dress and Drain


This is a procedure that is carried out when the Dentist feels that a tooth needs time to “settle down” either whilst an infection is cleared – by using antibiotic treatment, or whilst nerve irritation is left to settle. You will usually be asked to return to the surgery for follow-on treatment if this procedure is carried out. A dress and drain is carried out by the Dentist.







This procedure is carried out when it is difficult to get to the root of a tooth through the tooth itself. It involves cutting the gum to gain access to the root and removing the tip of the root. This is a surgical procedure and in some instances can be carried out with the dental laser.


Around 40 minutes £375.00



Crown Treatments


A crown is used when there is not enough of the tooth left to fill after decay has been removed. Crown treatments range in complexity and different finishes can be used. We offer aesthetic crowns which are made to match your own teeth and are tooth coloured in appearance. We also offer non-aesthetic crowns which are made from gold and are used when a patient has a heavy bite. A crown procedure is often spilt into stages preparation and fitting.


A patient will always require one of the following crown types, the dentist will advise the best crown finish according to your requirements and its position in the mouth.


These costs outline the fee for the crown, the cost of the entire treatment will be outlined on your personal treatment plan.

  • Gold crown

    £480.00 plus the cost of the gold

  • Porcelain bonded crown

    (VMK) £525.00

  • Ducera gold crown

    £525.00 plus the cost of the gold

  • Procera crown

    aesthetic £510.00


  • Zirconia crown

    aesthetic £606.00

  • Cerac crown





A gingivectomy is sometimes undertaken when preparing for a crown. A gingivectomy involves trimming the gum to produce a better fit. This can be done using the laser or by electrosurgery.





Dental Implants


Dental implants are recommended where a patient’s mouth has missing teeth. Implants are a more permanent, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable option than dentures, however they can also be used to stabilize dentures or crowns. First of all the dentist will carry out an in-depth assessment taking impressions of your teeth in order to work out if implants will be successful and which options to recommend. Actual Implant surgery is undertaken in several stages over a period of time. There are two types of Implant which vary on cost and quality. Call us and book a free consultation with our treatment coordinator who advise you about cost of treatment tailored to your exact needs.


From £399.00



Teeth Whitening


Zoom Teeth Whitening is very safe and effective system that takes about 2 hours with a clinician to complete. For optimum results, we also provide a Home Whitening Treatment Kit to use for 2 weeks, 2 hours at a time. A free consultation will be carried out before treatment in order to check whether it is suitable. Please note that Crowns and Veneers will not benefit from the treatment.





Tooth Removal


Occasionally it may become necessary to remove a decayed or loose tooth if it cannot be filled. Tooth removals are undertaken by the Dentist and are classed as ‘simple’ or ‘surgical’. Wisdom teeth are always removed surgically. Prior to tooth removal you may wish to talk to the dentist about having your tooth restored by using a dental implant, a permanent solution to having spaces where teeth once were.

  • Simple tooth removal

    10 minutes £87.00

  • Simple surgical tooth removal

    20 minutes £155.00

  • Wisdom tooth removal

    40 minutes £357.00


  • Full upper and lower acrylic dentures

    From £1,350.00

  • Partial acrylic dentures

    1 to 3 teeth acrylic (excl. clasps) £510.00

    4 to 8 teeth acrylic (excl. clasps) £580.00

    9 plus teeth acrylic (excl. clasps) £700.00

    Full Upper Metal Dentures From £830.00

  • Partial metal dentures

    Plate design

    1 to 3 teeth vitalium (excl. clasps) £655.00

    4 to 8 teeth vitalium (excl. clasps) £755.00

    9 plus teeth vitalium (excl. clasps)  £855.00

    Single bar design

    1 to 3 teeth £555.00

    4 to 10 teeth £655.00

  • Clasps

    Stainless steel £50.00

    Gold £95.00

    White £120.00

Preventative Treatments


Oral hygiene instruction £25.00 Fluoride treatment £50.00

Fissure sealant (per tooth) £50.00 Dentomycin per application £66.00 Elyzol per application £75.00 Salivary testing £70.00


Perio chip £70.00

Bleeding index and perio assessment £78.00



Value Range


Dentique always use the best quality dental materials available and this combined with the clinical skill of our dentists and therapist provides our patients with dental care that is second to none. Investing in great dental care is money well spent.


Given the current economic conditions in the UK we are seeing a trend that indicates a small number of our patients are shopping around on price so we are offering a range of value dental treatments which reflect a growing need for access to first class clinical skills using basic dental materials.


Our Value Range has been developed to show customers that we can provide quality clinical skills at prices at every level of the spectrum. The Value Range provides the same level of clinical skill using basic grade materials. Our value dental treatments still come with a guarantee – all work will be guaranteed for one year when you join our Patient Plan scheme, giving you peace of mind.


The prices listed below are based on a simple case, and individual quotations will be based on these, however in individual circumstances may be higher than those stated due to clinical requirements. This will be pointed out in your treatment plan.



Value Crown

From £390.00

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